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Royal City Clinic

Royal City Clinic is a medical clinic from Kuwait and was one of our biggest clients. We approached them after finding numerous flaws in the digital side of their business. We conducted a complete overall revamp of their business and set them up for future business revenue. We offered them the following services:

1. Website Development

A website is one of the most vital things for a business because it helps a business develop a sense of trust with a customer. RCC already had an existing website, but it was filled with errors and incomplete information. Our first task was to make sure we took a complete backup of the website and the content in it. We then spent around 2-3 days collecting all the necessary information and content that we needed from them to make sure we had a good base to start.

Once the content was completed, we then got to brainstorming how we wanted the website to look and feel. We already had an idea of what RCC was expecting and used that fundamental idea to create a professional website for their clinic. We ensured that the color theme of the website was matching with their logo to create a sense of brand identity and image. Additionally, we also focused heavily on making sure the website was well-optimized on all platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and tablets.

To view the full website, please click here: Royal City Clinic

2. Search Engine Optimization

When we first started our work with RCC, their website ranked on the 2nd page of Google and their Google My Business profile ranked at the 9th position. Our first task after facing this challenge was to analyze the local market that RCC intended to serve. We then researched and discovered multiple keywords with low competition and that allowed us to optimize their website and its content, along with Google My Business. 

After a successful three-month campaign of SEO, including keyword optimization and ads, we successfully brought the RCC name to the first page of Google search under multiple keywords. Their website now ranks at the first position and their Google My Business profile is always in the 1st to 3rd position depending on where a user searches from and what is closer for them.

3. Social Media Management & Advertisement

RCC was also interested in social media management to increase the amount of customers finding their business online. As we were doing their SEO optimizations, our focus was also on optimizing Facebook and Instagram. Month by month, we developed an entire content calendar for them which included posts, stories, and ad strategies. The ad strategies were carefully designed and shared with the client to ensure their budget was being used efficiently. Below, you’ll find some of the posts that we designed for RCC along with their ad campaign results: