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Hayyat Luxury Apartments

Hayyat Luxury Apartments is one of the top family hotels in Lahore, curated to provide you with the luxurious lifestyle you desire. We approached them after spending a few nights there ourselves. We enjoyed their services and believed that their experience deserved to be shown to more people. That’s when we decided to speak to the owner and pitched him to modernise his business.

1. Website Fixes and Optimization

Our first task was to fix Hayyat’s website, which was live, but barely functioning with little to no optimisations for different platforms, along with missing information. Since the website had been developed previously by a different provider, we could add any of our touches and bring the website to our standard. We then did our best to iron out all the shortcomings of the Hayyat website, from the content to the backend.

2. Social Media Management & Advertisement

Previously, before our work with Hayyat, their posting was quite minimal and not up to the mark with the standard they should’ve been at. The key to social media is being consistent and following a plan. We studied the business and created a month-long content calendar for Hayyat, highlighting their best services. We also optimised their social media platform for a better look and their Google My Business for improved ranking and visibility.

3. Photoshoot

Hayyat also required a complete photoshoot of their business. The purpose of this shoot was to show the entire hotel and its amenities to guests. These pictures are used for their social media as well as

4. Videoshoot

Along with the photoshoot, Hayyat also required a complete videoshoot which was then edited into a cinematic introductory video. Have a look at the video: