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Afro Kuwait

Afro Kuwait is a food import in Kuwait. They specialize in importing organic dry fruits and nuts from Africa into the GCC through Kuwait. The owner approached us through our online advertisements in Kuwait.

1. Multi-Language Website Development

A website is one of the most vital things for a business because it helps a business develop a sense of trust with a customer. Afro Kuwait did not have a website or any prerequisites such as hosting or a domain name. We guided the owner accordingly, and he was able to purchase those things accordingly. Our first task was to ensure we spent 2-3 days collecting all the necessary information and content that we needed from them to make sure we had a good base to start. We then developed that base into 4 pages worth of content.

Once the content was completed, we brainstormed how we wanted the website to look and feel. The owner did not specify the type of look he wanted, but he did tell us he wanted the website in two languages, English & Arabic. And, like always, we could take care of that for him. We ensured that the website’s color theme matched their logo to create a sense of brand identity and image. We also focused heavily on ensuring the website was well-optimized on all platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and tablets.

To view the full website, please click here: Afro Kuwait