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Aesthetic Dentistry Centre

1. Website Development

Aesthetic Dentistry Centre is a dental clinic in Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi. It had been open for a few years when we first approached them. We noticed their business and found out that they had been incredibly active on social media and their Google My Business platform. However, their primary struggle had been with their website. They had a very basic website which had been created using Google Maps’ built-in tools. It was not up to the standard that the clinic truly was. We believed that their clinic had much more potential for a premium website.

Our first task was to ensure we took a complete backup of all the existing content. We then spent around 2-3 days collecting all the necessary information from the owner and content that we needed from them to make sure we had a good base to start. Once the content was completed, we brainstormed how we wanted the website to look and feel. We spoke to the owner and got an idea about what type of look and functionality he was expecting. We used that fundamental idea to create a professional website for their clinic. Furthermore, we also ensured that the website’s colour theme matched their logo to create a sense of brand identity and image. Additionally, we also focused heavily on making sure the website was well-optimized on all platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and tablets.

To view the full website, please click here: Aesthetic Dentistry Centre

2. Graphic Designing

Aesthetic Dentistry Centre also required our graphic designing services. Originally, they had an old shop banner printed for their shop, but as mentioned before, like the website, it did not match the standard that the clinic was operating on. Along with the website, we also created a high-quality premium banner for Aesthetic Dentistry Centre.